Murdoch Mysteries

In the 1890s, William Murdoch uses radical forensic techniques for the time, including fingerprinting and trace evidence, to solve some of the city's most gruesome murders.

Duration:48 min




Season 1 - Murdoch Mysteries
"While the electrocution of a young woman leads Murdoch to a war between rival electricity suppliers, and no less than Nikola Tesla, Crabtree finds himself attracted to a suspect."
"When two respected officers of the court are murdered, Brackenreid fears he\u2019s next on the hit list."
"Fannie Robinson stands out as the most viable suspect in the death of her husband, boxer Amos Robinson."
"Skeptical Murdoch teams with his hero, Arthur Conan Doyle, to solve a murder that was revealed during a se\u0301ance."
"When it is revealed that a man murdered on his wedding day was homosexual, Murdoch finds himself fighting his own beliefs."
"When his estranged father\u2019s drunken body is found passed out near a murder scene, Murdoch finds himself questioning his own objectivity."
"When a skeletal corpse falls to the stage during a performance, Murdoch discovers not only a sinister murder plot, but Brackenreid\u2019s secret love for the theatre."
"When a wealthy rowing club member is found murdered, Murdoch investigates Toronto\u2019s rich and powerful \u2013 and discovers a hidden side of Dr. Ogden."
"Murdoch questions the confession of a mad ventriloquist who claims he killed his alcoholic father."
"Children are the prime suspects in the murder of a wealthy philanthropist."
"A killer disguised as the grim reaper vows to reveal a grisly secret by terrorizing the associates of a medical research institute."
"While investigating the murder of an Irish girl, Murdoch discovers a plot to kill a visiting British Prince."
"By all appearances, Martians are responsible for the hanging death of Rouge Valley landowner Henri Gaston, a Martian-obsessed loner with a shop full of telescopes, charts and journals."
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Season 2 - Murdoch Mysteries
"An investigator arrives from Scotland Yard who is after the infamous Jack the Ripper. Meanwhile, Murdoch takes dancing lessons so that he can escort Dr. Ogden to a ball."
"When the traveling Buffalo Bill Cody's Western Extravaganza settles in Toronto, murders happen. Inspector Murdoch must investigate the crimes while his boss becomes enamored with Annie Oakley."
"When the unveiling of a reconstructed dinosaur skeleton at a gala event reveals the dead body of a young man found in its jaws, Murdoch must enter the world of bone-hunters to find the culprit."
"The young Harry Houdini becomes Murdoch's prime suspect when he investigates a daring robbery-homicide. Meanwhile, Dr. Ogden's sister comes to visit and soon becomes attracted to Murdoch."
"The romance between Inspector Murdoch and Dr. Ogden heats up as Murdoch finds himself investigating the death of a young woman working as a high-class prostitute."
"As they investigate a young woman's death, Murdoch and Dr. Ogden find their relationship threatened when they turn out to be of opposite opinions in the matter of abortion."
"Detective Murdoch fears that his relationship with Dr. Ogden has been permanently damaged, as he heads into investigating a seemingly perfect crime, the murder of a university professor. Meanwhile, Constable Crabtree continues his search for his biological mother."
"Murdoch finds himself drawn to the widowed mother of a boy who has gone missing, but the case starts to take a strange turn involving spies, midgets and a robotic super weapon."
"Dr. Ogden and Enid compete to nurse the injured Murdoch back to health, as in his delirium he begins to suspect his landlady of planning a murder. Meanwhile, Constable Crabtree investigates a case involving a disagreeable parrot."
"The discovery of a decomposed body leads Murdoch into the fascinating world of telegraphy - the 1895 equivalent of the internet. When Murdoch calls on Enid to assist in the investigation, she finds herself in peril. Meanwhile, Inspector Brackenreid's erratic behavior has Dr. Ogden questioning the Gold Cure the Inspector is taking to help him stop drinking."
"Murdoch's investigation into the death of a young Jewish man leads to Toronto's small Jewish getto - the Ward. There he finds a tale of forbidden romance and himself again being drawn to Dr. Ogden."
"A savage murder, seemingly at the jaws of a wild beast, leads Murdoch into the mysterious worls of North American shamaism and lycanthropy. While searching for a reational explanation, Murdoch is forced to choose between Enid and Dr. Ogden."
"While investigating a murder, Murdoch find himself teamed with a North West Mounted Policeman whose methods and mannerisms are strikingly similar to this own -- perhaps too similar? Murdoch hope to rekindle his relationship with Dr. Ogden -- but is it too late?"
Season 3 - Murdoch Mysteries
"Murdoch finds himself with amnesia and running for his life on the streets of Bristol, England, very far from home, if he knew where his home was. Taking refuge in a pub, he gains the assistance of a vivacious barmaid who helps him reconstruct his memories, escape his pursuers, and foil an assassination plot."
"Murdoch is called to Station House Five when a decorated constable is murdered and the local detective is ill. Murdoch finds that everyone is ready to blame an elderly Chinaman named Fong Choy because of something to do with his granddaughter, but she is nowhere to be found and Fong Choy won't talk."
"Inspector Brackenreid and Constable Crabtree are present when a man undergoing the candlelit initiation ceremony in a Masonic Temple is murdered. Murdoch's investigation uncovers another even-more-secret society."
"Tragedy strikes close to home when Brackenreid's son Bobby suddenly disappears while playing with a friend on a sunny afternoon in bustling Allen Gardens."
"A family celebration of Alexander Reynolds' 60th birthday is dampened when he's found with a knife plunged into his chest. Murdoch is called in and soon discovers the victim was universally despised by his kin. Reynolds' family instantly falls under suspicion but the field of suspects narrows considerably when daughter Charlotte Reynolds appears in a blood soaked dress and confesses to killing her father."
"James Pendrick, owner of the Pendrick Building, proudly shows off his extensive art collection to a group of admirers. The highlight of the tour is a magnificent Rembrandt that Pendrick purchased on a recent trip to France. The constabulary is hired to guard the painting's return to the Pendrick mansion and is daringly stolen from the elevator, leaving a dead security guard in the car."
"There's pandemonium at Police Station Four. Something has gone terribly wrong at Barnett's Travelling Royal Circus. Lulu, the white Siberian tiger went berserk and partially devoured its trainer before escaping into the streets. Lulu has since been shot and killed but rumors have started circulating that this wasn't simply a case of 'tiger gone bad'."
"Murdoch is invited to attend a mysterious meeting in High Park. With Ogden to accompany him they find themselves mixing with some of city's greatest minds at a meeting of the Toronto Society for The Advancement of Eugenics, lead by James Pendrick. Murdoch discovers that Sally Pendrick invited him. The guest speaker is none other than the great science fiction writer HG Wells, and beside him stands Ruby Ogden, Julia's younger sister."
"Workers laboring to build a bridge across the Don River make a grisly discovery \u2013 entombed in the swamplands bordering the river are the well-preserved bodies of a man and a woman. Called to the scene, Murdoch and Ogden quickly determine that the couple was murdered. When a third body is then discovered, Murdoch has to re-evaluate the nature of the crime."
"It is a dark and stormy night. A lonely light burns in the tower of stately Beaton Hall. Suddenly, lightening flashes across the sky and a bloodcurdling scream is heard. Chauncey Beaton runs down the halls of the mansion from an unseen pursuer. He comes to a Juliet balcony and realizes he has nowhere else to go. Murdoch arrives at the scene, where Chauncey's body lies crumpled on the paving stones. He obviously fell from the balcony but did he jump or was he pushed?"
"Cecil Fox, a hateful reprobate convicted of killing Justice Horace Mead, is led to the gallows at the Toronto Court House. Murdoch, there on witness duty, winces as Pleasant pulls the trap door handle and sends Fox to his maker. When she carries out the post mortem, Ogden notices a curious puncture wound in the throat. Puzzled, she leans in for a better look and Fox's eyes open! Before Ogden can react, Fox knocks her unconscious and runs out."
"Murdoch is drawn into the naughty world of Victorian erotica and blackmail when he investigates the murder of Abigail Tunstall, a young woman who had been posing for salacious photographs. Interviews with Abigail's friends and family and the discovery of one of her erotic photos help Murdoch zero in on the location where the pictures were taken \u2013 a studio owned by a photographer named Marcus Evans. When Murdoch searches through photo collections for clues to Abigail's murder he makes a startling discovery \u2013 one of McHugh's erotic models is none other than Sally Pendrick, the vivacious and beautiful wife of Murdoch's nemesis, the rich and powerful industrialist James Pendrick."
"Murdoch is called upon to investigate an exceedingly strange murder. The deceased was found inside a room locked from within with no other entrance. But there's more to the case than that \u2013 the victim appears to have exploded and burned, yet there is no trace of an explosion or fire. Before Murdoch can proceed with his investigation, the case takes a bizarre turn when old friend and world-renowned inventor Nikola Tesla appears, announcing cryptically that he is \"too late.\""
Season 4 - Murdoch Mysteries
"When a strange case crosses his desk; body parts \u2013 a foot, a hand and a headless torso - have surfaced along the Don River. Ogden\u2019s replacement, Dr. Francis Philpott, insists the body parts are from one murder victim. But Murdoch has his doubts and contacts Ogden. Initially reluctant, Julia can\u2019t help but be intrigued by the case. Murdoch secretly ships her the evidence and Ogden\u2019s examination reveals they are dealing with three different victims but likely one killer."
"Murdoch and the gang are called to the scene of a grisly murder in the Don Valley, after a young man is found savagely beaten to death. The victim is Tom Meeks, a cadet at Fort York, who was on a rigorous training course that teaches guerrilla tactics. When another body is found with a ripped face to try and avoid identification, Murdoch investigates the military unit further and finds out some very disturbing underhand medical practices that the soldiers are unaware of."
"Despite an unsolved break-in at the station house, Murdoch announces he\u2019s taking a vacation. His holiday turns out to be a trip in response to a telegram from Dr. Ogden requesting his help in Buffalo to solve what she thinks is a murder at The Children\u2019s Hospital. Murdoch agrees to go - thoughts of rekindling their relationship in the back of his mind. The case involves a 14 year-old terminally ill boy, Ben Wilkie, who has died under what Ogden feels are mysterious circumstances."
"When the master of a wealthy household, is found face down in his morning porridge, it would seem that Murdoch has entered into a conventional drawing room mystery. The characters are all there: The murdered Percival, his aggrieved wife and two very different sons. But whereas most drawing room mysteries revolve around the affairs of the upper class, Murdoch learns that the heart of this mystery lies in the servant\u2019s hall below the stairs, where there\u2019s a mix of unsettled emotions and grudges to bear."
"Julia is getting married to Rafe in a week - the letter she wrote to Murdoch confessing her love for him is lying beneath his desk blotter and he has no idea it exists. On top of his heartbreak, he has made no progress on a case involving a young French woman who had arrived in Toronto to visit her sister, and then vanished without a trace. The case is further complicated when Murdoch arrests a dashing young Frenchman breaking into a suspect\u2019s apartment, only to learn that he is a detective who has been hired by the disappeared woman\u2019s father."
"Murdoch makes a surprising discovery at a dolls house fair; in one of the houses the artist has placed a hand firing a gun. This is no ordinary model - it\u2019s a crime scene. Murdoch finds the creator of the streetscape, an autistic 19-year-old, Lydia, who communicates best through model building. No one has reported a murder yet, but using the model\u2019s intricate clues left by Lydia, Murdoch discovers that someone indeed has been killed \u2013 but what happened and why? Someone is far from happy by his investigations and things begin to get even more sinister in the neighbourhood."
"The murdered body of an elderly drifter is found near the docks with a whiskey flask clenched in his hands. It looks at first like another drunk has met an unkind fate. But, when Ogden determines the victim had the liver of a teetotaler, Murdoch inspects the whiskey flask and finds a secret compartment containing what appears to be part of a coded message. The case takes an even stranger turn when a man identifying himself as the dead man\u2019s son comes to the morgue to claim his body. Investigations lead to political conspiracies being uncovered and a far bigger case is on their hands than first expected."
"A young switchboard operator, overhears a murder over the telephone lines and reports it to Station House #4. When Murdoch traces the address, no one is home and there\u2019s no body. But Murdoch is suspicious of the particularly clean room and instructs Crabtree to fetch his murder bag. This is a crime scene."
"When Murdoch is called to the scene of a murder Joe Prestia, a handsome thirty-something, he discovers that he once had a relationship with the victim\u2019s beautiful fianc\u00e9e, Anna Fulford. Dr. Ogden discovers evidence suggesting Joe was the victim of a skilled assassin. Anna has no idea who would have wanted to kill Joe. Matters take a frightening turn when the assassin makes an attempt on Anna\u2019s life. Why would anyone want Anna dead too? Murdoch\u2019s investigation reveals that the murdered man had a much darker past than anyone knew."
"As the sisters of the Immaculate Conception prepare to put the coffin of elderly Sister Ignatius into her final resting place in the convent\u2019s cemetery, a young novitiate peers into the dug grave and sees something poking out of the dirt \u2013 a human hand. Murdoch is called to the scene and his constables lift the bloodied body of the convent\u2019s gardener out of the grave. But a dead body is not the only surprise the convent holds."
"When a young teenage girl collapses and dies in her nightgown at the fountain at The Gordon Academy for Young Women, Ogden and Murdoch are called in to investigate. Why had she snuck out? She had lost a lot of blood, but only a trickle was there when they found her? And who is the mysterious lone figure that seems to haunt the school at night? The schoolgirl witnesses tell tales of trances and beautiful pale-skinned young men, and soon people begin to believe that vampirism is behind the murder..."
"The Toronto Bank is thrown into chaos when a masked man bursts through the door and fires two shots into the ceiling. The robber gets the tellers to fill his bag. When he finishes he kisses a teller on the lips and escapes into the street. The Kissing Bandit has struck a third bank and so Murdoch is put on the case. During each robbery the bandit kisses one teller before fleeing, and takes such little money that it hardly seems worth the risk, and then the stolen cash is distributed to local charities. Who is this modern day Robin Hood?"
"When a woman is found murdered at a costume party held in honour of the late Lewis Carroll, all clues point to a man dressed as the Mad Hatter. It seems obvious that this is the killer? This is not welcomed news as this part was played by Murdoch himself. Murdoch becomes the Alice In Wonderland prime murder suspect and it\u2019s up to his team to prove their favourite detective is not the killer \u2013 or can we be sure of that?"
Season 5 - Murdoch Mysteries
"Murdoch joins the Gold Rush in the Yukon and meets radical author Jack London."
"Detective Murdoch must tread carefully when he pursues a Catholic suspect in the murder of an Alderman, killed during the attempted assassination of the city's Protestant Mayor."
"When Detective Murdoch investigates a series of deaths linked to an exhibition of Egyptian antiquities, Constable Crabtree is convinced a Mummy's curse is to blame."
"While investigating an explosion, Detective Murdoch infiltrates an anarchist group lead by American labour organizer, Emma Goldman."
"With the close assistance of opera-loving Inspector Brackenreid, Detective Murdoch investigates the murder of a young opera singer acting as the understudy for a tempestuous diva."
"Detective Murdoch suspects the ambitious inventor of an electric vehicle murdered an associate who stood in the way of his plans to compete with Henry Ford."
"Detective Murdoch's investigation into the disappearance of a quiet librarian leads to a reunion with former love Anna Fulford and the discovery of a seamy underworld."
"After saving his lover Anna from the Black Hand, Detective Murdoch bargains for her life. During his investigation into the murder of a shy librarian with a secret life, he encounters another young woman behaving seductively."
"After a ruthless inventor is killed at a convention, Murdoch's investigation is assisted by his idol, Alexander Graham Bell."
"After a high stakes card game involving Dr. Grace ends with the death of a player, Murdoch is shocked to learn the true cost of their wagers is the opportunity to die."
"Detective Murdoch is taunted by a deranged criminal who leaves talking dolls with macabre personal messages at each crime scene."
"Detective Murdoch's investigation into the murder of a member of the Toronto Wellingtons hockey team takes him to Ottawa."
"Murdoch investigates the claims of a man who says his time travels to the future provided him with information that allowed him to stop crimes, while the New Year's Eve Policeman's Ball offers exciting personal possibilities for the 20th century."
Season 6 - Murdoch Mysteries
"Murdoch investigates the crash of a flying machine that killed a man, uncovering conspiracy and sabotage."
"Detective Murdoch suspects a soldier after a veteran is slain by a sword."
"Murdoch films a street corner to catch a killer."
"Two bank safe deposit boxes that were being transferred are taken by thieves and the crime is investigated by Detective Murdoch. The getaway driver for the thieves is killed. \u00a0While on scene someone claiming to be Sherlock Holmes shows up and provides some helpful information. \u00a0Dr. Ogden figures out that he is actually David Kingsley who at one time was treated for mental illness. \u00a0\"Sherlock Holmes\" appears to have the qualities of the fictional character of the same name such as the ability to \"read\" an individual or a crime scene."
"Murdoch enlists some revealing detective work while investigating a murder at a nudist community."
"A toxic gas will be released into the city of Toronto, unless Murdoch can find a way to stop it."
"While investigating the death of a politician, rumored to have been killed by a vengeful ghost, Crabtree's theories of the paranormal conflict with Murdoch's scientific beliefs."
"Murdoch investigates the murder of an Eaton's department store manager who was disliked by the shop girls."
"A murder investigation is hindered by an uncooperative witness."
"Murdoch investigates multiple drownings of a single career woman."
"A delusional woman is the prime suspect in the stabbing of her fiance."
"Detective Murdoch and his methods are compromised when one of his colleagues is implicated in a suspicious murder."
"With his colleague sentenced to hang for murder, Detective Murdoch races to exonerate them and steps into a trap set by the real killer."
Season 7 - Murdoch Mysteries
"The owner of the SS Keewatin, Clarence MacFarlane, receives a threat and Detective Murdoch and Inspector Brackenreid board to investigate. \u00a0About to sail on its maiden voyage bound for Rochester, New York, Murdoch wants to stay aboard after he learns that Julia is one of the guests on board for the maiden voyage. \u00a0Their investigation uncovers a real threat to the ship."
"Murdoch suspects an athlete died from large doses of a mysterious stimulant."
"While investigating a murder in a movie house, Murdoch is pulled into the drama of James Pendrick's filmmaking venture."
"Murdoch investigates a nanny's disappearance with the so-called real Sherlock Holmes."
"A man who appears to have returned from the dead is the prime suspect in his wife's murder."
"Detective Murdoch faces his fears when a phobia patient is murdered."
"When a body washes ashore in Toronto, rumours quickly spread of a sea monster."
"Murdoch and Crabtree follow a murder suspect to Newfoundland."
"Detective Murdoch goes with convicted murderer James Gillies to his hanging."
"Detective Murdoch investigates a ragtime group's complicated past when its lead singer is found dead."
"Crabtree insists that a string of robberies is caused by a species of mole people."
"After a death-bed murder confession leads to a body, Murdoch suspects the true killer is still out there."
"Murdoch orchestrates an elaborate sting when a past suspect returns with a deadly con."
"Julia and Emily go to a bachelorette party; Murdoch and the boys get involved in a high stakes curling match."
"Murdoch is put in the middle of a web of international espionage and intrigue after the assassination of U.S. President McKinley in Buffalo."
"Crabtree teams up with the prime suspect in the murder of a Chinese dignitary, in the hope of finding the true killer."
"Murdoch risks his life in an attempt to defuse a bomb strapped to a factory owner."
"Julia discovers a secret about her father upon his death; Brackenreid takes over a murder investigation."
Season 8 - Murdoch Mysteries
"Murdoch believes that the brutal murder of a waterfront merchant could be linked to the shocking assault on Inspector Brackenreid."
"Murdoch and the force have to confront more violence on the waterfront as they try and bring Brackenreid to justice. Dr. Ogden and Dr. Grace go head to head in court."
"Murdoch and legendary lawman Bat Masterson unite to hunt for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid."
"As their wedding day approaches, Murdoch and Ogden intervene in the trial of a woman accused of killing her husband."
"During their honeymoon in New York, Murdoch and Ogden uncover a deadly conspiracy threatening U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt."
"Murdoch's admirers interfere with a murder investigation; Ogden thinks about running for office."
"Murdoch's own colleagues are suspects when a police officer's skeleton is discovered in the basement."
"When a man is electrocuted, Murdoch is led to inventor Thomas Edison."
"Crabtree and Higgins go under cover to investigate the murder of a vaudeville comic."
"Murdoch and Crabtree discover that a mysterious temple may house ancient treasure - and deadly consequences for anyone who dares to hunt for it."
"Murdoch and Crabtree investigate the murder of a land surveyor in Northern Ontario."
"Murdoch investigates the murder of a model who was killed during a protest."
"A group of inmates at the asylum threaten Dr. Ogden's life."
"Murdoch works with Brackenreid's nephew and discovers a murder victim is connected to an all-female gang of jewel thieves."
"Murdoch is reunited with his childhood mentor while investigating a murder in a church."
"Crabtree investigates the death of a wrestler and uncovers deception and fraud."
"On election day, Dr. Ogden faces a setback; Murdoch investigates a murder with national security implications."
"During a hunt for a killer who collects macabre trophies, Murdoch becomes a target."
Season 9 - Murdoch Mysteries
"While Crabtree serves time for the murder of his sweetheart's husband, Murdoch investigates an inmate stabbing that may be connected to the case."
"Murdoch and his colleagues must protect the safety of author Mark Twain after he stirs up controversy during a speaking engagement in Toronto."
"It is the eve of Dr Grace's departure for England, when a young suffragette is murdered. Murdoch is called to investigate."
"When statues made from the bodies of naked women are discovered, Murdoch suspects a serial killer who knew the victims."
"Murdoch's investigation into a secret space program that could incite war between the U.S. and Canada leads him to an old friend. Get ready for one of the most extraordinary episodes of Murdoch Mysteries ever."
"Murdoch investigates the poisoning of an anti-prohibition politician while Margaret Brackenreid hosts a visit from radical temperance advocate Carrie Nation."
"When a childhood friend from wilderness camp alerts Murdoch to imminent danger, they travel to Algonquin Park to investigate a 30-year-old murder."
"After a student dies mysteriously in a professor's opium den, Crabtree helps Ogden and Rebecca James investigate in the morgue."
"While applying for a loan to build his dream home for Ogden, Murdoch finds himself in the midst of a bank heist that puts his reputation at risk."
"Murdoch and Ogden investigate the suspicious death of an Arctic expedition crewmember, while their workplaces become increasingly complicated in light of recent events."
"While investigating a golfer's murder, Murdoch becomes obsessed with the game."
"The electrocution of an elderly groom leads Murdoch to suspect a black widow, while Crabtree meets Lucy Maud Montgomery at a writing class."
"Murdoch is pressured by the new Chief Constable to make an expedient arrest in the murder of a white man at a black church."
"Murdoch and the team investigate a grisly murder linked to a feral young woman."
"Murdoch goes under cover to investigate the murder of a reporter who was investigating a workhouse."
"Murdoch and Brackenreid unwittingly put their careers at risk when they investigate high-level police corruption."
"The shooting of a man in a burlesque club sends Murdoch and Brackenreid to Buffalo, New York to investigate. Meanwhile, Crabtree becomes close to one of the dancers."
"The return of an adversary threatens the lives of Murdoch and Ogden."
"No description"
Season 10 - Murdoch Mysteries
"No description"
"Murdoch suspects that rivals for a wealthy bachelor's affections may be responsible for a debutante's murder."
"A massive fire consumes Toronto, complicating Murdoch's investigation into the murders of two young women."
"After Murdoch discovers his childhood friend turned private investigator, Freddie Pink, might be implicated in a murder, he enlists his latest invention to find the truth."
"When a murder case is reopened, Murdoch and Ogden must confront the possibility that they sent the wrong man to prison."
"Murdoch and Ogden investigate the poisoning of a businessman. Rebecca is suspicious of a student's suicide."
"While Murdoch investigates a football player's death, Brackenreid gets caught up in the team's Olympic quest."
"Murdoch suspects a connection between dead men found with lipstick smudges on their faces and Crabtree's burlesque dancer sweetheart."
"To catch a killer, Murdoch and Crabtree pretend a murdered witness is still alive."
"Murdoch strives to apprehend a lecherous costumed criminal known as The Lurker, whose amorous encounters have escalated to murder."
"Murdoch and Ogden contend with a killer who claims he\u2019s possessed by the devil."
"Murdoch discovers his passion for canines while investigating the death of a championship show dog."
"Twenty years after a child was kidnapped, Murdoch investigates the identity of a man now claiming to be the wealthy heir."
"When Murdoch and Ogden use their riverside property as a burial ground to study human decomposition, they dig up more than they imagined."
"Murdoch devises a mysterious tonic that restores youthful vitality, but his pursuit of a partnership alarms Crabtree."
"An explosion involving the mysterious woman Watts has been investigating leads Murdoch to a surreptitious community."
"The discovery of a young girl's body and some grotesque sketches leads Murdoch to suspect a gang of death-obsessed teenagers."
"Murdoch's investigation into the death of a roller-skating champion takes him into a world of aggressive and ruthlessly competitive young women."
"The team gets caught up in a conspiracy and is in danger when a dancer asks Murdoch for help."
"No description"
"No description"
Season 11 - Murdoch Mysteries
"No description"
"A jailed Murdoch must prove his innocence amid police and government corruption after the constables are ambushed, Ogden is kidnapped, and Brackenreid goes missing."
"Murdoch and Watts discover fraud after a wine connoisseur is poisoned."
"A recording device made by Alexander Graham Bell assists in the investigation of a murder at a dinner honoring Helen Keller."
"Murdoch investigates a surgeon performing cutting-edge organ transplants."
"A spate of murders staged as suicides leads Murdoch to suspect a sequential killer targeting the elderly."
"In an attempt to solve a murder, Crabtree and Constable Brackenreid go undercover at a boys school."
"Murdoch investigates a car accident and uncovers sinister motives."
"Brackenreid begins painting again and gets the attention of a wealthy patron while investigating an artist's murder."
"After obituaries are published in advance of two men's deaths, Murdoch discovers more intended victims with a member of Station House Number Four among them. He must keep them alive before their predicted demise."
"Murdoch investigates a death which may have been caused by a high-speed travel device."
"Murdoch and Brackenreid find some unsportsmanlike behaviour while investigating the violent death of a cricket player on the pitch."
"Murdoch investigates when a statue of the Virgin Mary gifted to his church begins miraculously weeping."
"When the judge of a cooking contest is poisoned, Murdoch realizes that other competitors also tasted the tainted ingredient, including Crabtree and Margaret Brackenreid."
"When Theodore Roosevelt sneaks into Canada for a hunting trip, Murdoch discovers the American President is the quarry."
"As Murdoch investigates a murder with connections to vaudeville entertainers Harry and Al Jolson, Watts unravels a mystery about his own family."
"Crabtree goes undercover at a chess tournament to investigate the murder of a Russian master."
"Murdoch and Ogden put aside a personal matter when Nate Desmond is charged with murder."
"Season Finale - An argument leads Murdoch to help a man looking for his missing wife, Crabtree contemplates his future with Nina and the Station House team works on a grisly murder."
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
Season 12 - Murdoch Mysteries
"After being designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Murdoch and Ogden's house is rocked by an explosion that claims a man's life."
"Ogden enlists Murdoch to investigate possible sabotage in the operating room after a patient dies during a routine medical procedure.."
"Murdoch, Ogden, Crabtree and Brackenreid attend Higgins\u2019 and Ruth Newsome\u2019s wedding, but a guest repeatedly tries to kill the groom."
"Anti-immigrant laws lead to the arrests of Greek men, and Brackenreid regrets releasing his carpenter when he\u2019s suspected of murder."
"Murdoch impersonates a dead diplomat to save a treaty, but political and sexual intrigue complicate matters."
"Murdoch investigates an astronomical phenomenon with a strange impact on his colleagues\u2019 behavior and dire implications for Toronto."
"Watts kills a man in self-defense, then Murdoch uncovers the victim\u2019s criminal past."
"When a wealthy, high society couple are found drowned in their pool in an apparent double suicide, Murdoch suspects murder."
"Brackenreid helps a friend in the case of a missing woman and learns he's closer to the case than he thought."
"As Murdoch helps an Italian detective recover a shipload of stolen antiquities, Brackenreid considers shipping out."
"Crabtree and John are transporting a convicted axe murderer to prison when she escapes to exact revenge on those who testified against her."
"Murdoch's distressing childhood memories are evoked while investigating the death of an orphan under the care of the same Jesuit priest who taught him."
"Inventor Nikola Tesla assists Murdoch in an investigation into the death of a man experimenting with invisibility."
"Murdoch investigates an apparent arson death, and reveals a personal history in the process."
"A man is electrocuted during a typing contest, but Murdoch suspects he wasn't the intended target."
"After the release of Murdoch and Ogden's book, a series of copycat murders begin to take place."
"As Murdoch seeks a promotion, a constable is shot in a botched raid on an opium den led by Watts."
"Murdoch suspects John is being framed for murder by Inspector McWorthy and Brackenreid goes after the corrupt copper."
Season 13 - Murdoch Mysteries
"Murdoch investigates an explosion at a suffrage rally attended by Dr. Talbot and Julia when a man dies."
"When a dockworker is shot, Murdoch pursues an elusive witness and learns anti-union thugs may be involved."
"Murdoch investigates the bizarre murder of a young woman who disappeared a decade earlier yet somehow hasn't aged a day."
"A death at an investment event leads Crabtree to the father he never knew. And Murdoch to suspect he may be culpable."
"An adventure in the woods turns scary when Murdoch, Ogden, Higgins and Ruth are stalked by a beast that killed two men."
"When a stamp enthusiast is murdered, Murdoch wonders if it was for his collection of unique stamps or lovers."
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
20 Jan 2020
"A body is found during a fox hunt - Murdoch and Brackenreid suspect a group opposed to fox hunting maybe responsible."
27 Jan 2020
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
01 Mar 2020
"After a shocking and unexpected death, Detective William Murdoch is certain someone close to Station House No. 4 is involved in the matter. Using his great perceptiveness and observation ..."
Season 14 - Murdoch Mysteries
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18 Jan 2021
"Terrence Meyers tells Murdoch that James Pendrick has been kidnapped."
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Season 15 - Murdoch Mysteries
13 Sep 2021
27 Sep 2021
04 Oct 2021
"Murdoch pursues former Inspector Giles after he escapes from prison to vindicate a murderer."
11 Oct 2021
18 Oct 2021
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08 Nov 2021
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22 Nov 2021